Guarantee your clients clean and fresh air through disinfection and deodorization with ozone generating equipment.

There are two types of ozone generators, those that can work with the presence of people (TCP) and without people (TSP), the latter used exclusively shock treatment.

Ozone treatment in closed spaces with people (TCP) can only be carried out with equipment that generates a maximum of 0.6g O3 / h, according to current regulations.

Thanks to its great oxidizing power, ozone applied correctly provides benefits such as disinfection and deodorization, eliminating viruses, fungi, bacteria and the bad odors that these or chemical agents can generate.

In our catalog you can find the GX500 Ozone Generator that allows two types of treatments, with people and without people.

This equipment also allows shock treatment and has 8 cyclic programs.



For Business

Aerolimp 64g O3/H

8.443,38 6.978,00 + IVA

For Business

Ozone generator GX500

631,19 521,65 + IVA
998,79 825,44 + IVA
871,63 720,36 + IVA