For Car washes and Workshops

Add value to your business and offer hygiene and disinfection services with professional equipment for Ozone treatment.

Guarantee your clients clean and fresh air through disinfection and deodorization with ozone generating equipment.

Over time, vehicles accumulate dirt caused by their own use, the transport of goods or pets. These become a focus of bacteria causing odor.

Thanks to its great oxidizing power, ozone applied correctly provides benefits such as disinfection and deodorization, eliminating viruses, fungi, bacteria and the bad odors that these or chemical agents can generate.

A professional treatment of approximately 5 minutes is long enough for a passenger car.



For Business

Aerolimp 64g O3/H

8.443,38 6.978,00 + IVA

For Business

Ozone generator GX500

631,19 521,65 + IVA
998,79 825,44 + IVA
871,63 720,36 + IVA